4 Bases to Cover. BLM 4EVA.

1. Seek God. Read the word to make sure whatever you’re doing, is aligned with God’s will.

Revenge is the Lord's. We are already accounted for. God's timing is perfect timing.

2. Seek Power. Great starting point is reading Dr. Claude Anderson’s book ‘PowerNomics’.

Channel your right to feel angry about the social injustice we as BLACK people face everyday. Use that passion to effectively make a change via voting to be represented, spending our black dollars with our black people and holding one another accountable.

3. Understand the Art of War. “Play the game how it goes.”

They do NOT like us. Embrace it, and do NOT fall into their traps to eliminate us. We cannot be afraid to die for what we believe in; but we also have to have the courage to live for what we believe in. Be strategic with our plans of action, we cannot win this war reacting with emotions.

4. Seek Peace. At the root of all of our existences is an underlying purpose to bring Heaven to Earth.

Because the ultimate goal is peace; always choose peace. Two wrongs never made a right; choosing violence is working backwards from our goal of peace. Seek to understand so we add value to the situation.

I will follow up this post with summaries of each chapter from 'PowerNomics' by Dr. Claude Anderson as well as 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu (whenever I finish the book).

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