Purpose Driven (4FTF)

Generation after generation, we are tasked with uplifting the next wave of youth to greater heights than we have ever seen. Generation after generation, we seem to find ourselves scolding the youth for falling short—as if it weren't our jobs to make sure they were in a position to not fail. No one takes responsibility, everyone passes the buck on to the next man, and everyone has an excuse that validates him or her. Like God’s grace, it's never too late to take the initiative and make a difference.

4 For The Future is a mentoring initiative geared towards providing students with skillsets to breed self-sufficiency. Within a 4-month curriculum, 4FTF teaches students the basic skills of DJing/producing, all while instilling four pillars of life to become successful. These pillars are outlined as the following: time management, emotional intelligence, “grit” and career/college readiness. These four elements packaged together with a prominent trade skillset and knowledge of history in DJing & producing will give each student exposed to this initiative a competitive edge. It’s almost imperative for the minority demographic to seek the path of self-employment in order to have a fighting chance at changing the narrative of their families living in poverty.

Our mission is to inspire the youth to take their lives in their own hands while pushing the legacy and art of real DJing; in hopes of providing the best opportunity for each student to reach their full potential. By integrating the importance of cultural responsibility and raising awareness on the paths to take in order to achieve self-advancement, the year-round commitment by the 4FTF staff is sure to leave the future in good hands through after-school mentoring and companionship.

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